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MEMORIES 1993 – Hawk Spirit Guide


1/1/1993 Today, New Years Day I went to lunch with Kay and Jean. I went to Athens & brought them over to see my apartment. – – We were dividing up the bill and I had a twenty and a one dollar bill in my wallet. My thoughts were “this would be so much easier if I had a ten because the bill came to $10.65 each.” We were fooling with our change when I realized I could use my one and simplify that, so I reached for my wallet again and took out the one and when I did there was a $10.00 dollar bill. I said Oh look what I found out loud. I silently said thank you to my God within.

For those of you not practicing spiritual meta physics this may sound absurd, but I know I created that $10 dollar bill. I only had $21.00 with me that day. What a wonderful miracle. Thank you God, and thank you Jesus for your teachings.

I believe I have a new spirit guide. I have suspected so for about two weeks. The reason being the smell of cigarette smoke is in my apartment, and no one in this house smokes. The landlord’s son does, but he is here only occasionally. I’ve been asking and checking in to see if this is so, and as I write this I’m getting the scent of tobacco smoke, so I am sure it is so.

Who it is isn’t important! I am just happy that another spirit guide thinks I’m worthy of helping. I’m feeling a bit emotional and teary eyed as I write this. That’s okay I know I am being helped.

Yesterday, Hawk angel spirit was in the maple tree so long. Hawk being the messenger, gave me a reassuring feeling. Although I let my thoughts wander and worry about money, I know deep down I am really okay. I could be more brave if our system wasn’t so limiting. Heck if I can manifest money, cash money that’s just super. Why don’t I just keep my money in cash instead of putting it in a bank. I will give this more thought. Most everyone accepts cash, however, I did promise the bank that I would keep a $600 dollar balance in that account. You are taking care of this for me aren’t you? The smell of tobacco is present again as I write this.

Spirit, do you want me to write a book about my experiences with spiritual meta physics? I am getting ready to do this. I am thinking about writing more and more.

This happened along about the 1st of February. I have a commode type cabinet, in crotch mahogany. Probably used as a dry sink in the 1800’s. I went to look in the bottom section to get something, and when I went to close the doors, the doors reversed and closed like that. The catch on the inside of the left hand door caught. I thought the doors sounded funny when it happened, so I tried to reopen the doors and they would not budge. Immediately I thought, no problem, I have opened locked doors before. So, I proceeded to do what I did before. I just focused on the door and the spirit within the cabinet, and sent love to the two doors that were stuck. I spent about five minutes. It did not work. However, I wasn’t discouraged. I asked for spirit guides to help me and went on about my business.

The next day I worked on the doors again. This time I spent more time, I really needed to get the binder that was in there. Again, no luck. It was still locked tight. Then, later that day I decided to try again. Remembering something that I read that Jesus said about those who take the time and keep trying will succeed. Well, either my power worked, or spirit guides did it for me. It doesn’t matter which, because we are all the same. Me as spirit, and the spirits that are around are all a part of me. With a little tug on the edging on the door it released and the doors came open. What I realized now, was that the doors can never shut in the reversed position again. The molding is now on the right door, and you have to close the left door first or the doors won’t close. Wow, that certainly was a little more than I expected. Thank you.
February 6, 1993

Working with Spirit of the Hawk. Hawk being the messenger.
During the lesson on totem animals at Georgetown, or more to the point, at Lorraines’ house. After the lesson Karen and I pulled the medicine cards, and my above animal is the Hawk. Funny how this goes and you suddenly remember little incidences that make you aware. Hawk was trying to get your attention for years.

One day in the not too distant past, I was still with Kurt. We were coming home from aerobics, driving from E. Greenbush to Valatie on I-90. About eleven miles. We saw and counted nine hawks. They were mostly in the median. I remember commenting to Kurt on how unusual that is. We agreed, and then discussed all the reasons why there should be so many.

Well, I guess Spirit Hawk almost gave up on me because right after that episode we didn’t see any hawks at all on that stretch of road. This we also discussed and put it to rearing families etc.

Now that I have been consciously working with Spirit Hawk, I see them frequently again. There is one that comes and sits in a tree here at the farm. He sits up in a rather dead looking tree, and I cancel those words as I’ve been working with loving that tree back to being healthy and full of leaves. Anyhow, for the present I am happy that this hawk has a place to show himself to me or anyone else who would be interested.

Hawk comes about every three days or so. I’m wondering as I write this though. Will he come more frequently now? I guess not for he is telling me to pay attention to what happens on the days that he does come and that’s good. Yesterday he came and sat in that tree practically all morning. Until I finally told him I got his message to be alert to the day’s happenings. Then, as I was driving down Rte. 9 to the Thruway, he swooped down and landed right in front of me in the field near the side of the road. This I took as an confirmation of some thoughts I was having at the time and also as a warning. I slowed down, and shortly afterward I was passed by a trooper. Thank you hawk. I might add here that I don’t have a lead foot. I was going 62 in a 55 mile zone. Not really speeding, but a little fast for Route 9.

It is very reassuring to know of all the help that is there for us, if we would only remember to ask for it. Spirit will only help if asked. We are taught that spirit guides and angels will never interfere with your life, and will help only when asked. We have freedom of choice. So ask and thou shall receive. I think Jesus, or Lucas or Ramtha said that.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The year was probably 1999. I have been living on Rte. 51 with a beautiful view of the Catskill Mountains. Country road, no pollution, a wonderful place to take a walk and to just enjoy being outside.

My landlords spent most of their time in Florida, but now it was warm weather, and they were home here in the Coxsackie area for the summer. They seemed very nice at first, but after some time the wife started to indicate that she didn’t want to rent the downstairs apartment – my apartment! She and her husband had very loud arguments, she screamed her side of the story, and I heard every word. Some other things happened that led me to believe I should move on again. I suppose I needed this clean air to get healed from the toxic stuff I had accumulated from living and working near the busy highway in Coxsackie.

Not long after they left to go back to Florida, I got the biggest message I could get about getting out of there.

Upon returning from my walk I used the bathroom and flushed the toilet. I was still in the bathroom when I hear this strange noise coming from the toilet. I turned and saw that it was exploding. The water and feces from that visit and many other visits came out of the toilet and flooded the bathroom floor. I was shocked and since I had no clue as to how to stop it, it continued to explode stuff until it stopped itself.

Needless to say, I knew then that I should get out of that house. – – I learned later that after the landlords went back to Florida they put the house up for sale with a local realtor.

I had decided to find another place in Coxsackie. I looked at so many places, but nothing felt right. – I asked the angels to help me in finding a place with a more compatible landlord. Soon after I asked the angels for help I kept thinking of a gay couple I knew who lived in Catskill. They had 2 or 3 apartments in their house that they rented out.

After about a week of on and off thinking of George and Bob I got the message. I had closed off the possibility of living in another place like Catskill or Athens. In other words I HAD BEEN LIVING WITHIN A CLOSED ENVELOPE.

As soon as I realized that maybe another town would be good too, I got in touch with Bob & George. Their store was open the day I went to see them. When I told them why I came to see them they said, yes they had an apartment for rent, but had rented it yesterday. Imagine how I felt, not paying attention to the nagging thoughts for a whole week. I told them how disappointed I was, and decided to just look around their store for awhile. While I was looking we visited and we talked about the business etc. When all of a sudden George says: “Wait a minute I know of a place that will be for rent in a few days.”

They tell me about this little house that is in their same neighborhood. They tell me the landlord’s name and address, and tell me to call him immediately. I did all that and looked at the little house the next day. The house was bigger than I needed, but the location, the landlord, and the rent was too good to pass up. The very next day I had rented the carriage house in Catskill. It also had a north facing front door. Which in Feng Shui practices is very good for me. It also had a back door. Two exits, a beautiful yard, no snow plowing to pay for, no grass to mow, ideal.

A lovely place to live. I spent almost eight years there before the fuel oil prices made me reassess living there any longer.

The lesson, and moral to this experience is: Listen to those nagging thoughts that won’t go away. These nagging thoughts are your Higher Self and the Angels trying to get your attention. You asked for help, now listen to it, and act on it.



I read this years ago, and wrote it down to use at some point.

This was on something I read by Andy Rooney.

“We have nuclear weapons, why can’t other people have them too? They know the
consequences of using them.

Does the United States have the only intelligent people on this planet? Who
are we to tell people who can or who cannot have weapons of destruction?


I have to agree with that thinking. But, I would have added a dose of love
to all those people who do have them. Betty



Our 50th class reunion was scheduled to take place in less than a week. I had been working on
compiling a handout booklet of all the letters and pictures I had received from class members. This work was a product of about 8 month’s work. It turned out great and I am very proud of it.

I loved doing the work, getting the book ready, but quite frankly I didn’t care if I went to the reunion or not.

Well, as it turned out, I didn’t go. I developed such a pain in my back that seemed to go from the front of my body through to the back. I was completely incapacitated. I was either in bed, or on the couch. I had no appetite and subsisted on the drink Ensure. I steadily lost weight, and as the pain persisted, I never left the house, or drove the car anywhere. My friend Camille came and went to the store for more Ensure for me. I just wanted to be alone.

I have spoken of the organ music being in my head before, and I want to relate that for the 2 months and even after, the organ music was playing in my head. I never felt burdened by this. It was very comforting to know that the pain was a necessary experience in my life, and that one day (I didn’t know when, I would have a life again).

My classmates tried to get me to go to the reunion. But, I told them I felt like I couldn’t even comb my hair much less go to a party. The pain was that intense.

For almost two months I suffered trying to figure out what thoughts created this experience.

I hardly slept at all. I did meditate almost constantly. I did the MAP coning healings with spirit’s help.
Sometimes four hours at a time.

I asked time after time if I should go to a Doctor, and the answer was always NO. The first week I did go to an acupuncturist and then a few weeks later Camille took me to a healer in Woodstock. She couldn’t believe her healing did not work on me. She did, however, tell me to stop taking Ibuprofin which is a pain killer. I was feeling weaker and weaker, and she said the painkiller was the problem.

During the time the pain persisted, I sat upright in my chair in my bedroom at night with my feet on a large crystal. That seemed to give me mental relief – – it didn’t relieve the pain.

I walked the floors in the hallway and around my bed reaffirming that “I am as God Created Me, and that God’s Son can suffer from nothing, and I am God’s Son”. I said this over and over.

Some nights I would think maybe I am angry at someone, for before when I experienced pain this intense, I meditated and found out it was due to my being angry at Kurt. And, as soon as I realized this on a conscious level the pain was gone.

This time, however, no amount of meditating helped me. Again, in the first week, I went to a Chiropractor that I would use occasionally. He said he wouldn’t touch me, and said that I was in for many years of pain. That made me feel really discouraged. But being the God that I am, I didn’t believe that prophecy for one minute. I continued with my affirmations of health in abundance.

During the intense pain night and day I alternated between the bed and the couch. Day after day, up and down the stairs. The stairs were probably a good thing, at least my muscles wouldn’t atrophy.

One night I thought maybe I am mad at God. I tried to get angry and beat my pillows. I did cry a lot, but I really couldn’t be mad at God in my heart, so I think my feeble attempt didn’t mean much.

I know God is love and never punishes, so whatever this pain was, it was strictly my doing. Not loving myself enough maybe, still not sure.

This is 2015 as I retype this, and since that experience I have been told a few times that the whole thing was related to a past life experience when I was badly injured and almost died.

Thinking about the reunion, and how I didn’t want to go. Maybe thinking how superior I was to those of my classmates. I don’t know. I know they are all Christ of Gods becoming as well. Maybe feeling superior because I have been blessed with the knowing of who I really am and that I am doing something about that knowledge. – I wondered if I would ever have a life again.

One day, it was summer, I went outside and I met a woman visiting the people I rented from. We talked about her troubles and mine. She asked if I ever heard of the oil called Rescue Remedy and I said no. She said she had suffered badly from sciatica pain and someone suggested Rescue Remedy to her. She said it worked. So, I got in my car and drove straight to the Health Food Store. I bought the only bottle they had. I saw a difference immediately!!

I think it was after I started using Rescue Remedy, that I was sitting on my bed on one of those sleepless nights, when I could feel my rib unwind itself from another rib. I thought immediately that I would now see a difference.

After taking the Rescue Remedy I did feel stronger and decided to go back to taking walks. I started with short ones just around the driveway and back. That felt right, and over time I increased the length of the walks to down the street and back. I knew then that I would have a life again.

As I got stronger and better I had a sacral cranial treatment. That felt right. The woman used flower and garden essences on me. I have continued to use flower and garden essences to this day. When I originally typed this it was 11-1-2013. Today is July 4th, 2015

I live by the knowledge that I have had the best teachers. The Angel Gabriel being the best.

I refer you the reader to get the set of 6 books called The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding.

Again, organ music was present the entire time of this ordeal and remained with me afterward. Also, the gentle squeezing of my scalp. I am retyping this and updating it today 7-4-2015. The gentle squeezing of my scalp is present as I do this.

Footnote: I had to re-live a painful past lifetime in order to release it. This was not easy.


(Lucas was channeled through Rev. Penny Donovan). Later he revealed that he was the Angel Gabriel.
Penny channeled him for about 7 years I think.

I have been keeping a diary of all the small miracles and things I have learned over the past 25 plus years, and will be sharing more of them with you. For now, I’d like to share a meditation that the Angel Gabriel gave us when I was attending his seminars. This is a lovely one, and easy to remember once you have read it once or twice.

Breathe in and say I calm and release my physical body
Breathe out – I smile
Breathe in – I experience peace
Breathe out – I am peace
Breathe in – I experience Joy
Breathe out – I am joy
Breathe in – I experience love
Breathe out – I am love
Breathe in – I experience eternity
Breathe out – I am eternal
Breathe in – I am
Breathe out – I smile

And So It Is – Indeed So Be It. (I added these words, Gabriel told us these are power words.)


MEMORIES – JULY 2003 This morning

This morning during my meditation I got a quick picture of a car tire that was low on air. When I went out to leave for work, the memory of that car tire came back to me.

Before I started the engine, I checked my tires, and sure enough my rear right tire was going flat.

I am always divinely protected and guided. No need to worry. I will be alerted to any danger before it happens. When you live from the God in you, this is how it works.

7-16-2003 Not being compatible with my family. I’ve changed mind about this. Actually since I’ve moved back to this area, I have just accepted who my family members are. But, I have not really accepted them. I have judged that we don’t have much in common. Is this what I really want in my life?

We do have a lot in common. They want to be happy and at peace, and so do I. They want prosperity and money to be able to do what they want to do when they want to do it. So do I. They want love, be it family love, or romantic love. We all want that. They want good health and certainly this is what I want.

Alright, they may not know the power of the spoken work or thought, but that’s okay. On some level they do. Also, they might not yet understand that thoughts are things, but that’s okay too.

We all want to be loved and I been withholding my love from them and I am sure that they have felt that.

Yes, I always cancel the wrong thinking, but now it’s time to be more active in giving my love in a more physical sense. Being there for them more.

God Margaret and Spirit of the Deer, I desire to have your help in doing this. Thank you in advance.
(The Spirit of the Deer is symbolic to opening to new adventures.)

10-9-2003 Today I made pancakes for breakfast, and went to the only cupboard I have for glasses and got out a piece of stemware. I enjoy the way the juice looks in these glasses. As I was eating I took a drink of the juice and thought. “this juice has gone bad”. So, I went to the sink and emptied the glass and what was left in the bottle.

Then, I thought let me just drink water this morning, and I opened the same cupboard to take out a glass tumbler. Right there in front of all the glasses was my Omega 3 oil. I said Oh my God! I must have put this here yesterday instead of the refrigerator, where I usually keep the oil. Then, as I thought back, as to why I opened the cupboard in the first place. I said no, I just took a wine glass from this cupboard and this Omega 3 bottle was not there. Wow, this is a pretty strong message that I should take some Omega 3 oil today. I said Thank You God Margaret for taking care of me so nicely.



There are portions of our United States that have been having trouble with drought situations. This, and the temperatures have created lots of fires. Now, according to the news this morning, the state of Oregon has joined those in need of help. (I LIFT THAT INTO THE LIGHT WITH LOVE.)

I desire that you cancel any thought that you may have regarding these situations. Reclaim your energy from those thoughts, and send the whole situation LOVE.

You can say to your God Within, I give no energy to the word drought or forest fires, they do not exist.
I desire that you help the people who are exposed to the results of those things. And, angels who are around to help, I desire that you help the people who fight these fires.

Whenever we give energy to how horrible it must be for the people who live in those areas, we only add to their problems.

Dear friends thank you for your help. The more you help, the easier it will be for those associated.

If your thoughts go back to the subject, cancel, cancel, cancel. Reclaim your energy and let it go.


I would like to add here that if you say you are doing this change of thinking on behalf of yourself and all of your brothers, it carries more God energy, and is much more powerful.

(Don’t know where I found this – love it and want to share it)

1(Don’t know where I found this – love it and want to share it)


Just because the years are passing does not mean that the
quality of our lives must automatically go downhill.

It is never too late for us to dream and to have goals.
Think about what you would really love to do with the
next portion of your life. Don’t think of limitations or
why you can’t do things. Allow your mind to go in new

You have a lifetime ahead of you, so fill it with
experiences that will fulfill you. When you are clear in
your mind about what you really want and know that
you deserve to have it, then the Universe will find
avenues for this to come to you – probably in ways you
would not expect.

CHARLESTON, .S. CAROLINA – Who to forgive! 6-26-2015

This morning, the news is filled with the memory of the shooting that took place at a black church in Charleston, S. C.

Should we forgive the person that committed that heinous crime. If you want to practice Spiritual Meta Physics, the answer to that question is NO.

The person you should forgive is yourself. Thoughts are things that carry an energy that creates what you do or do not want in your life. Your God Within does not judge any thought, therefore that thought does not stop within your head. Your thoughts are taken and not being judged (by your God Within) are sent out to make exactly what you think happen. Good or bad, these thoughts make it happen.

What are my thoughts on this situation? My thoughts are that there are many people still creating in an ungodlike way. (I lift that thought into the Light With Love)

If you are black, and still think there are people out there who hate black people, guess what you have created.

If you are white, and still think there are weirdos out there who would do these horrible things, guess what you have created.

For me, I send love to all that is. I don’t forgive the person who did this crime against the black people, he just is. He has received a lot of energy over time, and only acted on what he thought was right for him.

My only advice to everyone is to stay out of judgment. When your thoughts go to what you do not want in your life, forgive that thought and bring yourself back to your God Within.

Mind wanderings will happen, but that does not mean we cannot change those thoughts. Forgive those thoughts and send love out to whatever it is you do not want.

Before going to sleep at night, send love out to all that is. And if you want to be more specific, send love out to all of your family, to all of your friends, and to all those who would think to do harm to any person, plant or animal. Actually I do this at bedtime, and when I first wake up in the morning.

This has to change things in the direction we all want. LOVE.

Posted 6-26-2115