TO DANCE WITH ANGELS BY Don & Linda Pendleton

Dr. Peebles is in Spirit and has ben channeling through the Pendletons for many years.

Listen to Dr. Peebles: There are no false Gods. Each God is God – – – and even that which is not perceived as God is God. “All issues are resolved therein.”

It makes sense to me that a billion Christians cannot be wrong, that half a billion Moslems cannot be wrong, that even a mere seventeen million Jews cannot be wrong. None are wrong: all are right; each defines God according to his own apperception of God, and all are contained within God.

So what is the issue? If a Christian feels closer to God through the crucifixion of Jesus, why should anyone wish to deny him that path? If a Moslem finds his identity with God through the example of Mohammed, let’s cheer him on. It’s a huge universe, after all; surely there is room in it for every conceivable aspect of God as well as every conceivable religious expression. It makes no sense for any human to attempt to confine God within any small pool of thought or faith, to shape Him into our image, to dam the flow so as to contain it regionally and deny access except to those who come to drink from our shores and on our conditions. God is beyond any conditions set down by the human mind and is immediately accessible anywhere to any seeker. To dam the flow behind any bulwark, however well intentioned or conceived, is to frustrate for a moment the whole grand plan of human life on Earth.

The impulse for diversity, so obvious in the most casual inspection of nature, is a movement toward maximum expression of all that God is. To live to the point, to be present in the multiplicity, to celebrate the differences and embrace the diversities is to join that flowing stream of consciousness and move with it toward the ever-waiting sea, sampling along the way all that God is on that mountainside. Even the stagnant pool eventually finds its way to the sea, because to “dry up” is simply to be taken up into the heavens and again “rained” onto Earth. There once again to join the flow. No one is lost, forever left behind; we all end up at the same place sooner or later.

LOVING ALLOWANCE is an all-embracing concept. It encourages every expression of mankind, applauds every movement, deifies the human experience as a consequence of the diversity of God’s expression on Earth, links every man, woman, and child on the planet in mutual love and respect – – and it celebrates our differences.

3-10-2011 and 7-15-2015

JUNE 2003 – I just love

JUNE 2003 – I just love

I just love the Animal Speak book by Ted Andrews.

It speaks of totem animals, and how they could be your totem animals. This is true, maybe you have been told what animals correspond to your energy, and that they never change. I disagree with that theory because you are ever changing.

No one ever stays the same. Each moment you are different than the last moment. And, when you were given those animals they corresponded to your energies at that particular time, that moment in time.

My idea works on the basis that your totem animals are always changing. As you change, they change. Why shut out all the others, and keep only a few. We are all one, and the others want to be there for you too. Totem animals can be a great comfort to you. They can help when you are feeling low and out of sorts.

What I have been doing for many years now which feels right for me, is to call on the spirit of the first animal I see or hear when I get up in the morning. Each day, after I am up, or sometimes while I am still in bed I will hear an animal, I call on that animal to be with me that day to help me to be the best that I can be. While I am out for my walk I will see an animal, if the animal is illustrated in Ted Andrews book, I read the text about the qualities of that animal. There is always something in the text that speaks to me.

When I see, hear, or feel an animal’s presence, I usually send that animal love. I ask that animal to be with me that day, or every day.

Since reading the book “The Language of Silence” by J. Allen Boone, I have looked at all the animals, insects, birds etc. in a very different way.

The spirit of God is in each animal, great or small. That knowledge can rid your house of a fly you thought was a pest. Just send that fly love, and mean it. (Although you can do this and not mean it) It will still work. God does not judge.

It is such fun. God doesn’t judge whether you mean it or not. It still works. The next time you see that fly or many flies, they will be on your screen waiting to be let out. Love all your perceived pests away.

J. Allen Boone also wrote Kinship with all Life. A must read.

It is so wonderful to know that we are all connected to the animals and to each other. Chief Seattle of the Duwamish tribe said it beautifully. “Man would die of a loneliness of spirit if there were no animals.” I agree. What we do to the animals we do to ourselves. Let us treat ourselves and the animals well.




This happened before the days of my being enlightened. – probably around 1988

We had moved again, and I went back to selling real estate because that was what I was doing before we moved. I tried it for a while, but after 6 months of not making a dime, I decided it was time to find another profession or job.

I even took a course at Columbia Greene Community College which was offered at the time. I learned a few things from this and found out that my hand-eye co-ordination was very good. No clue what was ahead for me though.

One Sunday afternoon Kurt & I went to East Greenbush where there was a Flea Market, we thought we would check it out just for fun. – – This is the truth. We were in the building only a few minutes and I knew without a doubt that this is what I wanted to do. It was like a light bulb went off in my head.

When I told Kurt about my intention he couldn’t believe it. He said “You want to do what these people are doing, and in this environment?”

The Flea Market left a little to be desired. There was a snack bar at the rear of the place, and you could smell the french fries, burgers and whatever else was being cooked. Smoking in a public place was allowed then, and I swear the blue cloud that hung over the place was as low as your eyeballs. It didn’t matter. I KNEW!!

Kurt was not very supportive in getting me started. But, I had 2 former school teacher friends who lived almost across the street at the time, and I knew I should contact them for advice.

They helped me start up my business, and I began my new career at the E. Greenbush Flea Market. After almost a year, I did move on to a different location which helped to make Kurt easier to deal with.

Long story short. This is more than 30 years later, and I just recently retired from being a dealer in antiques and collectibles.

I don’t remember if I prayed about wanting to know what to do for a new profession or job. But, I can tell you this now “YOUR THOUGHTS ARE YOUR PRAYERS” !



Listening to the news this morning inspired me to do this posting today.

China’s problems – They only have a problem if people think they do. Send love to all that is.

Stock Market in U.S. have concerns over this China stuff.

Our Stock Market is affected only if the people who are interested in these things worry about that. Let it go and send the whole situation LOVE.

Prison systems in turmoil. Only if we think that is the case.

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS that create, create, create. God does not judge your thoughts, so they are taken just as you think them. God responds by giving you exactly what you think. We are the ones who judge, not God.

Do you want all of the above?? No !!! Then re-instruct your God Within in a more positive way.

When you catch thoughts that harm the environment, or anyone else, be they Chinese, Greek or American, cancel those thoughts, forgive them and send all situations LOVE.

And, when you do catch those thoughts that get you what you do NOT want, send out this LOVE on behalf of yourself and all of your brothers wherever they may be.

Remember thoughts are an energy force that create. Every thought, not just the ones I mention today.

Before going to sleep at night, send out love to all that is.

Posted 8-24-2015

August 2013 This morning

August 2013 This morning

August 2013 – This morning the 22nd day of August 2013, I started to do my usual routine in making breakfast when I noticed the container where I keep wet food garbage had numerous fruit flies around it. This container has a lid, but not a tight one. I empty it when it gets full and put the contents in the outside garbage can. In the summer it gets emptied almost every day. It is small, and if I cook it gets full fast.

I want to add here that the flies looked much larger than a fruit fly. I guess this was to attract my attention. As soon as I saw the flies, I sent them all love, and thought I’d better open the door so they can fly out and be on their way. Immediately, they all disappeared. I looked again, and every last one of those flies was gone. I looked in the container, and the only thing in there were some coffee grounds from yesterday’s pot of coffee.

I keep harping on the fact that love works, and this is a perfect example of that energy working in a positive way.

July 2015

Today I was re-reading one of the Volumes from the Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.
Volume 5 to be exact. These, as I have said before are my most favorite books .

I wanted to write down a quote, so I went to my supply of ball point pens, and started to write. No luck, each pen I picked up would not write. I tried and tried, and finally I threw out four out of the package of seven pens that were left. I have had the pens for a while now. When I bought them there were 10 in the package. I thought, okay so some of them had dried up.

I continued to read, and then it occurred to me that the reason they would not write was because I had separated them from God Power. The power of abundance. It had nothing to do with ink.

I stopped reading, and retrieved the pens from the waste can. I sat with the pens in both of my hands and I re-claimed the wrong energy that I had sent to them. I sat for a good minute, sending them all the LOVE I could muster up. I said to them that all things are GOD, therefore, all things are abundance.

I asked my God Margaret if I should test the pens to see if they would write now. I also asked if I was sending wrong energy to the pens by doing the testing. My God Within said go ahead and test them. Each pen wrote beautifully. No lack here. LOVE CERTAINLY DOES WORK.

No need to discard them at all. Abundance in all things is our Divine Right. Claim it, and it is yours.

Recommended Reading: Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding
Boxed set of 6 books. If you can only get the 5 boxed set, buy them.
If you read the first five, you won’t need Vol. 6.



My first experience with the feeling of being deaf happened in May of 1990. Both ears just kind of shut down. No warning, just couldn’t hear much. I heard organ music in my head all day and into the night.

My hearing was so bad, I missed the telephone ringing. I missed a friend who drove into our driveway while I was clipping the rose bush. The bush was located right at the driveway. And, while doing my walk a neighbor told me to get over to the side more if I wasn’t hearing well.

Am I being tuned? Ears still bad from May 7 to the 15th. Organ music was still present in my head. I probably would have been really scared if the music was not present. On May 16th through the 19th my hearing began to be more normal. The organ music was still present.

My 20th during meditation the music was still quietly there.

May 25th the organ music ceased to be there. I have a feeling of loss somehow, but I feel a relief that I can hear again. May 26th and May 27th the organ music was present during meditation, also it was present on and off during these days. (I never went to see a Doctor about my ears.)

May 29th my ears are hearing perfectly well again.

I refer you back to the Post of 10-24-13 MEMORIES 2002 More about the ears.
The Angel Gabriel said all lifetimes are happening simultaneously with this one.



3-30-12 I looked at an apartment in Athens, N.Y., and told the woman who showed me the place that I would take it. She said great, she would have it cleaned and let me know when it was ready. She said probably less than a week.

I was all packed and ready to go. I was feeling a little apprehensive, but ready. I also was glad that It would be okay to move in so soon.

My current landlords are in Florida, so it’s a perfect time to move. Without being watched etc.

A week goes by, no word from the apartment manager.

More days pass, and I decide the rent is too high, so I write to the manager to say I changed my mind. At the time of this change, I send this letter to her. A few days later the letter comes back saying “wrong address”. I wonder about that and also wonder why she hasn’t called me. More days pass, and still no word from her.

I meet with my friend Camille and decide to show her where this apartment is in Athens. When we arrive you can’t even get close to the house. There are men working on the street, and there is a huge orange vehicle parked right in front of the house. It is the biggest construction type vehicle I have ever seen. It blocked the whole view of the house.

I immediately said to Camille that it looks like I probably won’t be renting there. She agreed with me that this might be a message. I just figured since I didn’t hear a word from the manager that she must have rented the apartment to someone else.

I let it go, and started to read the papers again for more apartments for rent. For the next 15 days I drove all over looking at places in Athens, Catskill and Coxsackie. All of which did not feel right. And they also had higher rents.

I was feeling very depressed. I was all packed and ready to go. Jeff and Ginny returned from Florida expecting to see an empty apartment, and I was still there. I got a cool reception.

NEW MOON – the day they came back there was a call on their answering machine from the manager. She finally had called, but why she called them I don’t know. That day the ad was in the paper again.

I immediately called her, and found out her husband had a serious illness and was in the hospital. She didn’t even recall our conversation about her cleaning the apartment, and that I would rent the place. I think she was so upset that some form of dementia set in.

I arranged to meet her and gave her a deposit and rented the apartment. She took $50 off the rent.

Regarding the big orange construction vehicle: the message was that there would be a BIG delay. The wrong address on my letter left the door open for me. She never advertised or showed the apartment during the 21 days I waited.

I moved in, and I am still here. August 2015



This was around the year 2000, maybe earlier. My notes didn’t have a date for this essay.

I went to see MAC the healer with a bunch of friends. Never knew the man’s name because we all just called him MAC. As I type this, it is 2015, and MAC is now in spirit.

When it came to be my turn he says I have a lot of questions I need answers to. I reply that I came to you for a healing because my ears had been bothering me.

He tells me that the ear thing will pass. Then he swings his pendulum and tells me that I did several lifetimes as an Indian. And, in two of those lifetimes I was a child and was stolen by men. I was made to be a slave, and was abused both mentally and sexually. Both of these lifetimes were very difficult. This is why you have been afraid of men in this lifetime.

In one of my lifetimes as an Indian, my whole tribe or clan died of some plague that the white men brought to them purposely. There was no cure at the time, and I watched my whole family and tribe die. I was one of the last to go. I felt quite helpless to do anything to help. MAC said you have a fear of being sick in this lifetime because of that experience. Also, my wanting to help and cure people of illness has been very strong in this lifetime.

I remember the day when the fear of men presented itself to me. I was probably about 8 years old. The fear of illness came when I was seventeen. MAC told me that’s how old I was when my clan died and when I passed over in that lifetime. I was about 8 years old when I was kidnapped.

He also told me that my marriage to Kurt was a karmic promise that Kurt made when he came back this time. Maybe Kurt was one of the men who stole me, and abused me when I was just a helpless child.

Kurt was always a very loving and caring husband.  The fear of men never manifested with Kurt.

Retyped on 8-8-2015



Over the past 30 years I have read probably a thousand books on the subject of Spiritual Meta Physics. I have listed my favorites below.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East – Baird T. Spalding    This is a boxed set of 6 books If you can get only the first 5, buy them.

Ramtha – Channeled by J.Z. Knight, and edited by Steven Lee Weinberg

A State of Mind – J.Z. Knight

Emmanuel’s Book –compiled by Pat Rodegast & Judith Stanton

Animal Speak – Ted Andrews

Language of Silence – J. Allen Boone

Kinship with All Life – J. Allen Boone

You’ll See It When You Believe It – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Your Sacred Self – Dr. Wayne Dyer (and all of Dyer’s books)

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

The Camino – A Journey of the Spirit – Shirley Mac Laine (And all of Shirley’s books)

A Course in Miracles – Foundation For Inner Peace – This was channeled from Jesus.

MAP – The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Small Wright

Flower Essences – Machaelle Small Wright

A Guide to Green Hope Farm – Flower Essences – Molly Sheehan

Joshua -The Homecoming – Joseph Girzone

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity – Catherine Ponder

Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow – Marsha Sinetar

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise L. Hay

Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

Way of a Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

The Healing of the Planet Earth – Alan Cohen

Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians – Ginny Katz & Michael Katz

Life After Life – Raymond Moody, Jr. M.D.

Lifetimes – Frederick Lenz, PhD.

You Have Been Here Before – Dr. Edith Fiore

Companions Along the Way – Ruth Montgomery

Aleins Among Us – Ruth Montgomery

One – Richard Bach

Illusions – Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah – Richard Bach

Love is Letting Go of Fear – Gerald G. Jampolsky M.D.

Dark Sister – Lynn Andrews



Dear Casey and Pumpkin,

Dad and I love you. We are taking a trip to see Kyle and Patty and the kids tomorrow. We will be back some time Sunday.

While we are gone Debbie will be here to see that you are fed and to take care of things around the house. Pumpkin, please be kind to her and Casey. She doesn’t like cats to be on her lap or on her bed, so be careful not to bother her.

Also, I want you to go to the door and meow if you want to go out.

While we are away, I want Casey to think about always asking to go out with a meow, not by scratching the furniture. When we get back, I will expect your cooperation in this matter of scratching.

We love you both, Mom


Result of the letter was very positive.

Pumpkin was in the habit of attacking me whenever Kurt and I returned from any trip. This had been going on for some time. After reading “The Language of Silence” I decided to tell Pumpkin and Casey we would be taking a trip, but would definitely be back. I also told both cats verbally that we were taking a trip. I did this a few days before we left.

After the letter of 10/22/91 and our verbal communication, Pumpkin never attacked me again.

Kurt made fun of my writing to the animals. This did not deter me. There were many letters after that. ALL HAD POSITIVE RESULTS.

Other letters: Woodchuck Story – The Ants – Posted on this blog

Recommended books: Language of Silence and Kinship With All Life both by J. Allen Boone