I have given my blog a rest, and I have come back to it. I still have lots of notes that cover the many happenings during the last 25 to 30 years.

But the feeling that I am being guided away from doing a blog is present again. Therefore, I want to say thank you to all who have read what I have written. I desire that in some small way I have helped you to get closer to the God within you.

Sincerely,       Betty


A VISION – Sometime in 1989

One morning I woke up and in my third eye area I saw a small TV screen like image. Later, I learned that this was a vision.

The vision was of me and my brown car. I was wearing my winter coat and hat I usually wear when it is cold. I was holding the car jack. The vision ended as abruptly as it started.

I thought this was a message to get the tire fixed on my husbands’ car. The tire on the front needed air off and on lately. I told Kurt of the message, and we had the tire fixed.

I had started taking classes at Trinity Temple in Albany, and was on my way to class the next week, and I had a flat tire. I was driving my brown car, and I was wearing my winter coat and hat.

I was on Highway 787, it was about 6:30 in the evening. I was near the lower end of Albany where there were no houses, only the highway and near the river. It was a long way from the buildings on South Pearl Street. It was dark, and I wondered if I could see well enough to change the tire.

I thought, Oh Boy I am in trouble. I got out of the car, and looked in the trunk. The spare tire was there, but I wondered if I actually could lift it out of the trunk. I did know how to change a tire, so I took out the tire jack. Then I said out loud “if I am divinely protected and guided, you better send me some help now.” (The Angel Gabriel taught us that at the seminars that I was attending.)

Not one minute passed when I heard a man’s voice. He was walking toward me over the grassy area between the highway and the lower end of Albany. I did not see any evidence of a car, or of lights from a building. It was just this man. He asked if he could help.

I told him I had a flat tire, and I welcomed his help. I did not feel threatened in any way. He immediately set to work at fixing the flat. While he was working on the tire, a police car came and parked so that their lights helped him to see what he was doing. The police did not get out of the car. They just stayed there until the man was finished.

I offered to pay the man for his help, but he refuses to take any money. He tells me that I am the second person he helped with a flat tire that day. I thank him again, and he walks away, going in the direction that he came. The police drive away; they never did show themselves.

It wasn’t until later that I learned that a vision will happen just as it is seen. A dream that warns of things happening is another matter. Dream prophecies can be changed.

That night I continued on to my class at Trinity Temple. I was so excited to tell of my first vision, and how it all happened. The people in my class only half listened, and acted as though it was not a big deal. I was so disappointed in this response.

As I type this, (it is 2013), and I have not had another vision.



9-2-2013 and Today, 11-25-2013 this essay spoke to me again.

The past few days have been very warm and humid. – – Is this what you want?

Answer: Yes, especially when you listen to weather news and look at the maps of the United States. And, I might add here that when you think or say “Oh My God” look what’s coming next. Oh my God just puts God Power behind whatever you gave your thoughts to.

How about this: “I give no energy to what the newscaster says and predicts. I only give my energy to calm pleasantly comfortable temperatures. I do this change of focus and thinking on behalf of myself and all of my brothers wherever they may be.” If you end that statement with the words indeed so be it, it will carry God power. Indeed so be it is a power statement.

Yesterday, I watched some of the news, and I caught a bit of the weather forecast. Again, it was all doom and gloom. We were being warned about heavy rains and flooding in our area. And after that, the newscaster announces that this is the beginning of the hurricane season; and that we should be ready for that.

Do I want a hurricane for myself, or anyone else? Of course not. This bit of news did help me to remember to do my mental work. I said out loud: “I give no energy to any of those assumptions and predictions. I lift all of that into the light with love.”

“Thank you Spirit of the Weather for giving us the kind of weather that we all really want.”

I have to admit it was difficult for me to stay focused on not giving my energy away to what I did not want. It was over 90 degrees and humid.

The tennis matches were being held at Arthur Ashe Stadium. I love watching these matches. Those players were feeling the temperatures and humidity. I know I did not succeed in staying in the moment because I had to get up and turn on more fans to feel comfortable here. Watching the players towel off after every point only made matters worse. “I do not need an air conditioner.”

I even forgot to ask the Spirit of the Weather and my God Within for help in making things more comfortable for the players and the audience. Luckily for Serena and her opponent it was a short match.


Character isn’t inherited.
One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts,
thought by thought,
Action by action.
If one lets fear, or hate or anger take possession of the mind,
they become self forged chains.

– Helen Gahagan Douglas –


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For those who are reading this blog for the first time, I suggest that you start at the beginning. Read Thoughts are Things first, which I feel is the most important post. Then move on to Beginning This Journey. – – More to come. Betty



After our two boys were out of the house, and starting lives of their own, I stood at the kitchen sink one day and thought what now? The feeling prompted me to say a prayer out loud. It went like this: God, if there is one, I feel a bit empty now and desire to have something spiritual in my life. But, God please do not let it be church. When we attended churches as a family, they wouldn’t leave us alone, this committee, that committee etc.

I had been reading Shirley MacLaine’s book Out on a Limb. I thought, let me try this meditation thing. So, I sat down on the floor in our bedroom with back straight leaning against the bed. I took some deep breaths, and only a few moments later the thought came to me to ask if there is a God. The answer came right away. Yes! And then the voice in my head said: “You are God”. I said to myself, “of course that makes perfect sense. That is how you know all things, and everyone’s inner thoughts and desires.” That thought “You are God” was the giant light bulb moment. You know the Aha moment that you will never forget.

When the student is ready, a teacher will be given to you.

This is more than 30 years later. I have studied and read everything I could get my hands on during those first 4 or 5 years. I have had some of the best teachers. One was the Angel Gabriel. I continue to be aware and study when the spirit moves me to do that.

I have learned and believe that God is in each one of us. God is in every animal. God is in every stone. God is in every plant. God is in every drop of water. God is in everything on this planet and every other planet.

Living with this knowledge has been wonderful, and at times very scary. I believe we all have to make our own journey to this knowingness. There are so many different ways to do this, I suggest you find yours. Also, I believe all ways are the right way.




This miracle happened very early in my journey. (Probably around 1989.)

I was still living with Kurt, and teaching classes at my house in Valatie, and Georgetown, New York. Georgetown is a very small town in central New York where Kurt and I lived for a time when he got his first Superintendant of Schools job. (it was about a 2 hour drive)

I used the Thruway to get there. I would change from the Thruway to Interstate 88 and then on to Route 20 west. The change from the Thruway to I 88 was about four miles apart, and I was concerned about not missing that exit because the next one was very far from that point.

After I paid the toll, I said to my Higher Self “I desire that you keep me alert so that I don’t miss that turn off.”

Not one second after I addressed my Higher Self, I was at the exit. I had transported the four miles. I was so surprised and pleased. I knew this was one of those gifts that you receive along the journey. So I said thank you and continued driving to Georgetown.

I had learned about transporting at one of the Lucas Seminars I was attending at Trinity Temple in Albany. Lucas told us how Penny had transported from Syracuse to Albany after a retreat she was attending.

I personally think we transport all the time. We are not aware that we do this because there is no movement, no noise, or any clue to tell us that we did. We are just where we wanted to be. Pretty neat.

You know you have experienced transporting. Just think of the times when you are brought back to the present, and say to yourself “boy I better pay attention to my driving.”

Personally I have seen people do it. Lots of times a car that is following me is just not there any more. No turns to take and no houses to exit to. They are just gone all of a sudden. I am particularly aware when this vehicle is a big truck.

I look forward to more of this, don’t you? Car & gas expenses will certainly go down.

This was one time I witnessed someone transporting and I remembered to write it down.

On 9-29-2012 I was taking my walk when I saw Alton Poole, a classmate who I went to school with.

I saw him get out of his truck, and head for the house. He was just a short distance from me, and I planned to say good morning. But, before I got the chance, he vanished. He transported and disappeared into his house.

From Abraham Speaks I

From Abraham Speaks I – A New Beginning

In this book, we have offered the key to deliberate creating within your physical life experience.

We have expressed to you the power of your thought, and we have explained that although it is difficult to control your thoughts, that it is a simple process to acknowledge the way that you feel – – and that being aware of your emotion at any point in time will guide you to a clear recognition of the direction of your thoughts and of your creating.

But many of you believe that experiencing negative emotion means that you are weak or out of control, and so you suppress the very GUIDANCE SYSTEM that would assist you in deliberate positive creation.

Some of you, rather than using the negative emotion to identify negative creativity, focus upon the negative emotion itself, and thereby create more of it.

Others of you, identify your thought, which has caused the negative warning bell to ring, but rather than removing your attention from that thought, you continue to focus upon it, believing that until you fine a solution, the negative emotion will not subside.

But your attention to the problem only enhances it and brings it right into your physical experience.

As you view the many problems from around your world, there is very little that they have to do with you, or that you can do about them. You do not feel the negative emotion because the problems exist. You feel the negative emotion about them only when you give your attention to them.


Many of you believe that if you give more attention to a problem you will solve it. You will find solutions, however, only as you are looking for solutions. As you focus upon the problem, your emotion will be negative, letting you know that you are creating negatively. As you focus upon the solution, your emotion will be positive, letting you know that you are creating positively.

In the time that is before you, more of you will be looking for solutions and feeling positive emotion, and much less of your attention will be focused upon the problems of the world.

Amen Abraham!!



I feel I am at a crossroads. I am trying to decide if I should put more posts on my blog, or quit while I am ahead.

It is my sincere desire to help people. First and foremost I want you to know that God is not out there on some cloud, he/she is right inside of you; listening to every word spoken, and every thought you have. Your God does not judge these thoughts or words spoken. Your God just gives you what you think. Whether that is good or bad is up to you.

You can have what you want, or desire. You just have to catch the words or thoughts that might program what you don’t want.

I know I have a few followers, and I am complimented every time I am advised of that. However, I do not want to bore you.

I still have a pile of notes that I have kept over the past thirty years. A lot of them have to do with the small miracles that have happened in my life.

I would appreciate it if you would email me and let me know if you want to hear more about my life experiences.

My email address is: bkbecker@mhcable.com

My blog address is: https://bettykbecker.wordpress.com/

I believe you can leave a comment on the blog. Being new at this whole computer/blog thing, I think either way should work.

Found this

Found this while I was leafing through my notes.

Memories July 12, 1992

Illnesses that have cellular memory (past life connection) may take longer to release. Illnesses manifested during other lifetimes may cause disturbances in your present life.

You can work with (Roselle) Rose Quartz. Hold stone. It can help to correct imbalances in an easy balanced way. Or, wear the stones around the neck. It is recommended that the stones be spherical and that they touch each other in the necklace. This allows the energy to go from one stone to the other easier.

People who buy insurance for any reason don’t know who they are, and have little faith in their own God Within. They are programming sickness. They are worshiping what they don’t want.


A MEDITATION THAT LUCAS TAUGHT US ( Lucas was channeled through Penny Donovan)

Later he revealed that he was the Angel Gabriel. Penny channeled him for about 7 years that I am aware of.

Breathe in and say I calm and release my physical body

Breathe out – I smile

Breathe in – I experience peace

Breathe out – I am peace

Breathe in – I experience joy

Breathe out – I am joy

Breathe in – I experience love

Breathe out – I am love

Breathe in – I experience eternity

Breathe out – I am eternal

Breathe in – I am

Breathe out – I smile

And So It is – Indeed So Be It.